5 star hotel manager using data driven answers



A Day with data analytics in the life of a Marketing Manager in a five-star hotel

A Day with data analytics in the life of a Marketing Manager in a five-star hotel

Data analytics offering you actionable insight

What are your competitors doing? Does their brand resonate more with consumers? If so, how did they manage to catch their attention? What methods do they use to get their message out into the market? How do our marketing strategies stack up against the competition? What plans should be put in place in the immediate term to help offset low season? Often confronted by fierce competitive pressure, marketing managers in the hospitality industry have many burning questions. Data-driven answers would eliminate the guesswork and in turn, offer them actionable insight.

Marketing Manager faces web presence

James, a marketing manager at a five-star hotel chain, was wondering how he could improve the hotel’s web presence in Hong Kong. After inputting his question in the system, our platform sifted through the top 50 websites on Google Hong Kong and derived an answer to his question. The answer reflected the top three websites that consumers would come across when searching on Google. It turns out that his company’s website did not make it into the top three websites but instead his competitor made it to the top three. In addition, he could see that other booking websites were ranked number one in terms of web presence.

A clear direction of the next step through data-driven answers

This information gave a better indication of where the company’s resources should be allocated in order to build a stronger web presence in Hong Kong. It gave a clear direction of what steps should be taken to achieve that goal. James could also find out what his competitor is doing right and apply similar marketing strategies for his hotel.

Reveal the Power of data-driven answers

The power of data-driven answers is undeniably powerful. It’s an application in solving questions for companies has gained currency in the past decade. It will no longer be a luxury but a necessity for the well-being of the company to delve in the world of data analytics.


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