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A guide of heat map to monitor the keywords on the internet

Do you know what a heat map is? How do people use heat map for data analytics? It is a representation of data in the form of a map in which data values are represented as colours.

A guide of heat map to monitor the keywords on the internet

Do you know what a heat map is? How do people use heat map for data analytics? It is a representation of data in the form of a map in which data values are represented as colours.

What is a heat map?

Heat maps are a two-dimensional way to present data in which values are represented by colours, allowing you to see what are the visitor’s strongest desires. They are like a map guiding you to find the location of different areas. They were designed by Cormac Kinney in the mid-’90s for traders to read the data easily in the financial markets.

You thought they are techy? Well, let me break down the meaning behind this word and you can have a better understanding.

Heat: it just means the amount of action in a particular area. The warmer it gets, say (red, orange) the more action happening. The cooler it gets say blue or purple, the less action happening.

Map: I am pretty sure you understand what a map is. It is a representation of a particular area such as a city, showing its main feature as you know the difference between different areas.

Heat map generally is used to apply on tracking the user behaviour on a webpage. The map will show which area with the warmer coloraturas, meaning that area gets more actions from a visitor. They can learn how to increase conversions on a single page.

Deeplook.ai Heat map telling you the hottest keywords

Deeplook.ai crawl millions of pages from Hong Kong’s major news, social, forum every day. The analysis which of the keywords are mostly being used. With their advanced technology, their powerful analytic tool can reveal the hottest keywords at the moment, meaning you can find the trend in REAL TIME. Ya, in real time. That’s marvellous, right?

Let’s take here as an example.

Heatmap from Deeplook.ai on 2018-11-29 13:02:08

By looking at the heat map, you can find many rectangles. Each rectangle in the map represents a single keyword. The rectangles of the map are in the hierarchy levels. In order to understand the map, you need to focus on the sizes and orders, as well as the colouring.

Sizes: The bigger the size is, meaning the more people are discussing that keyword.

Position: The order is displaying from more interactions to lower interactions. For those keywords with more interactions, they are at the left upper corner. For those with fewer interactions, they are at the far right bottom.

Colouring: The warmer it gets, meaning the keyword trend is increasing. There are more people talking on it comparing to the previous time interval. Vice versa, the cooler it gets, meaning the keyword trend is dropping, people are not that interest of that. Well, of course, there could be no changes, it will be shown as grey.

Discover the top rising keywords

With the map, can you now tell me easily what are the top keywords? Yes, you got it. 季候風 is the trending keyword, as it appears on the top right corner. Following up are keywords like 天文台,大機會 and 乍暖還寒.

But you may also see what kinds of keywords may be growing when you find those with a brighter red cooler on it, such as 大機會, 副教授, 好人好事 and 送院搶救. You may wait and see they can be growing afterwards, slightly shifting to the left.

Advantages of popular keywords

A writer using popular keywords for her post

Find the right keywords for your post

Looking for inspiration for your next posts? What would you do? How do you find what to write next? By using the Deeplook.ai heat map, you can find the right keyword. You may explore the popularity, correlations, trends and much more. You can check which keywords can grasp the people’s attention. You can pick the keywords and go deep to work on a topic that works best for you and write your next post.

Increase your content reach

Another obvious reason to use keywords is to reach beyond your reads. As a blogger and maintain your page, you need to consistently publish interesting content, engage with other people, and add value to your community, popular keywords help you to do this by acting as a multiplier of your work. Sharing or rewriting great content can bring you more traffic and you are giving what the readers want to read.


This was just an introduction to you how to use a heat map to discover the popular keywords that can help you reach more audience.

If you would like to have a better growth of your audience, starting now, try to find the right keyword for your writings.

To know more, you can discover at get.theanswr.com.


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