How To Convert Chinese & Cantonese Youtube Videos To Text – easy way to transcribe a youtube video

Converting YouTube Videos to Text

In this article, I am going to show you How to Convert YouTube Videos To Text easily.With the whole text, you can get the transcript of any YouTube video easily. Please note that the amazing part is the method is not just available for English YouTube, they can convert any Cantonese or Chinese videos into text as well.

Experience the power of Google A.I.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a word which you always hear about in the digital world. But is it easy to try it? No, as you need to have technical knowledge, and expertise on programming to use API connect with different AI engines. 

However, there is a place allowing you to experience different sorts of AI engines. There is a platform called get.theanswr. They provide lots of ready-made analytic tools for non-techy, like me to use. They pre-connected with different open source data and AI engines. 

And this time, I am going to introduce you the Google A.I. speech to text function.

Input a YouTube link and get text version

Step 1 - Click buy and input a YouTube link

Step 2 - Select converted language (Such as English, Cantonese, Chinese PRC, Chinese TaiWan)

Step 3 - Get your answers - the transcript

You may click "copy text" and paste it to any documents.

Cantonese YouTube to Text is working too

In Hong Kong, Cantonese is the primary language. So we try to input a YouTube link with Cantonese speaking. After around 15 minutes, they have delivered, they alert me the process is finished.

You may take a look at the results below, I think nowadays the English to text technology accuracy is up to 85% or above. And after taking a look at this result, Cantonese is also not bad. I guess it may be around 75-80%. I already can have a full picture of what is the video about.

Below is the original video:

Summary - the AI engine save my time

So when you are trying get an overall picture of what is the video about  or trying to add transcripts on YouTube video, you can give a try on this tool. It saves you most of the time on watching the videos over and over again. 

Google A.I. engine for speech to text is worth to try. If you want to have a try, you may click the link below.



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